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Feb 15 - Feb 15, 2023

Sustainability Committee Meeting February 2023


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Brand Marketing , CX - Customer Experience , Audience Measurement
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Sustainability Committee Meeting February 2023

Join the Sustainability Committee to kick off our programming for 2023, with special guests & case studies on the intersection of sustainability, purpose, and marketing.

Fusing Sustainability, Innovation & Purpose

In this presentation Jeff Fromm will cover the Purpose-Profit Loop™ which centers on the concept of using the United Nation’s SDGs as a planning tool to connect innovation and profitability.  Jeff helps brands re-imagine how to accelerate growth and connect to values-centered employees, customers and consumers. 

Takeaways will include:

  • Values driven brands have on average 12.3% higher operating margins
  • Fusing your Innovation strategy into your go-forward sustainability plans can accelerate growth
  • Work Inside First, Then Outside
  • Turning your brand into a VERB
  • How today’s consumers have lost trust in large institutions and how brands need to re-imagine their role in this new ecosystem


  • Introduction to Committee, Priorities, and Outline of Agenda
  • Presentation from Jeff Fromm on the profit purpose loop and intent-to-action gap including case studies
  • Q&A with Jeff Fromm
  • Committee Discussion on Opportunities for the group at 2023 Priorities