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Feb 14 - Feb 14, 2023

Developing a Brand-inspired Digital Strategy


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Brand Marketing , Digital
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Developing a Brand-inspired Digital Strategy

How to Achieve Alignment between Digital Activation and Long-term Brand Equity
(Virtual Half Day Workshop)

When it comes to digital marketing, many investments are wasted because the tactics themselves are not being aligned to the overall brand strategy. All too often short-term, transaction-driving objectives supersede long-term brand-building ambitions. Marketers tend to resort to so-called digital best practices and copycat behavior—creating the same type of generic content, sending bland and undifferentiated email blasts, and tweeting at the same time of day—all with little consideration as to how it impacts their valuable brand assets.

In this workshop, you will learn how to ensure your digital marketing strategy is inextricably linked to the brand strategy it is intended to serve. Going beyond mere clicks and CTAs, this workshop will demonstrate how digital activation can become a source of competitive advantage by reinforcing and strengthening long-term brand equity. It will demonstrate how critical components of brand strategy—including product/service offering, promise, and experience—need to be reconsidered within an activation ecosystem that is increasingly digital. Through a combination of new frameworks, case studies, and group exercises, it will cover multiple facets of digital activation, specifically, content marketing and social media.

Target Audience

  • Mid-level brand and marketing managers responsible for developing or refining brand strategy,
  • Entry- to mid-level marketers responsible for developing and executing digital activation.
  • Particularly relevant for companies struggling to maximize their digital spend.