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Jan 11 - Jan 11, 2023

MMA MENA Breakfast Briefing


Dubai, India
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Digital , Privacy , Analytics / Data
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MMA MENA Breakfast Briefing

Laura Reynaud, Chair of the MMA MENA Legal Committee, will be sharing further details upcoming laws on Metaverse Licensing in the UAE and Data Privacy Laws in the UAE and KSA.
The Metaverse concept has already gained traction in the UAE, with a number of businesses working to bring it to life. The UAE  aims to be a major player in the virtual world and is working to establish a regulatory and legislative framework for the industry. Companies that want to operate in the Metaverse must acquire Metaverse licensing. In this session, we will explore UAE Mataverse Licensing Issue in depth.
Both in the UAE and in  the KSA, the Data Privacy Law establishes an integrated framework to ensure the confidentiality of information and the privacy of individuals in the country. It defines the rights and duties of all parties involved and provides proper governance for data management and protection.