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Feb 15 - Feb 15, 2023

Putting Your B2B Buyer Personas to Work


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Content Marketing , Media Marketing
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Putting Your B2B Buyer Personas to Work

SESSION 3 of 4: When you put Buyer Personas to work, they'll inform your B2B content marketing strategy, align you with the customer success and sales teams, and fill your sales pipeline. Discover how to create effective marketing campaigns that target potential customers in Session 3 with Ardath Albee.

Congratulations, you've researched and built your B2B Buyer Personas. Now don't let your effort go to waste! Put your personas to work and you'll see an impact on your marketing strategy, including content creation that addresses your different types of clients.

Join us to learn how to:

  • Socialize your Buyer Personas, getting your team and key stakeholders on the same page.
  • Use Buyer Personas to inform your content marketing strategy and improve the potential customer's experience during the customer journey.
  • Extract insights from your Buyer Personas to develop content ideas that your target audience finds informative and useful.
  • Help your content writers stay on track and write awesome, compelling content for your target customers.

Use your Buyer Personas to guide your marketing content strategy and align you with the customer success and sales teams. You'll generate content ideas and strategies to connect with your target audience with an experience that feels customized to their needs.