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Feb 08 - Feb 08, 2023

Building Your B2B Buyer Personas


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Research , Market Research , Audience Measurement , Media Marketing
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Building Your B2B Buyer Personas

SESSION 2 of 4: Completed your B2B Buyer Persona research? It's time for a "discovery debrief." Separate the wheat from the chaff and build your Buyer Personas with the core elements of your target audience. It's the next step to resonating with your potential customers.

Deep research into your existing customers and target market has provided you with plenty of fodder. Now's the time to cull the important information and build effective B2B Buyer Personas.

Join us to learn:

  • How to conduct a Discovery Debrief with all that research. Figure out what to toss and what to keep as you create Buyer Personas.
  • Why "A Day in the Life" is a critical component to understanding your customers.
  • How to create questions around your research insights—so you can answer those questions with marketing content.
  • What content your target audience requires at each stage of their buyers journey.
  • How your marketing department and sales team can build B2B Buyer Persona templates to connect with your target market.

Once you build your B2B Buyer Personas, you'll have a guide for your content marketing campaign. Soon you'll be speaking to your target customers' pain points and unique needs.