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Feb 01 - Feb 01, 2023

Researching Your B2B Buyer Personas


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Content Marketing , Research , Market Research
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Researching Your B2B Buyer Personas

SESSION 1 of 4: B2B Buyer Personas are key to your successful content marketing strategy. Creating useful Buyer Personas starts with effective research. Discover how to research your target audience to both "know" your potential customers and understand their needs.

Great B2B Buyer Persona templates combine internal and external insights to your prospects' unique needs. You can then meet those needs with your targeted marketing messages. In Session 1, you'll learn to research your existing customers to understand them and identify their pain points.

Join us to learn:

  • How to determine which types of customers to build into buyer personas
  • Where your ideal customer profile (ICP) comes into play
  • Which components to include (and which to exclude) for an actionable buyer persona
  • How to get deep customer insights with interviews—and how to formulate interview questions that get honest answers

Fuel the development of compelling content, relevant storylines, and increased engagement with insights on your potential customers. To move the needle on your sales objectives, start with the research that leads to effective B2B Buyer Personas!