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Jan 25 - Jan 25, 2023

The 10 Things Great Marketing Writers Do That Set Them Apart


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The 10 Things Great Marketing Writers Do That Set Them Apart

Everybody writes—but not everybody wants to read it! Good news though. This webinar can fix that for you. Join me, Ann Handley, to discover the 10 things you can do to stand out with excellent content. You'll also get the Writing GPS system I use to write my books, emails, and more. It's painless. Mostly. But there will be prizes!

How to Create Ridiculously Good Content

A special platinum webinar (75 minutes!) with Ann Handley, CCO, MarketingProfs

Hi, it's Ann Handley. I'm popping in here to talk about a writing process you can use to become a stronger, fitter, happier writer.

"Process" feels hopelessly boring and mind-numbing. Like matching socks from laundry. Scrubbing dirt from beets.

Yet process is necessary in writing. We need a road map to get us to where we're going.

Process is a kind of GPS-aided navigation. Like a global positioning system, it helps us get to where we need go.

In this brand-new webinar for a brand-new year, I'm introducing to you the brand-new Writing GPS: a 17-step framework for longer pieces we write.

Let's pause here for a minute.

I feel like I know you well enough by the 5th paragraph of this landing page to know that number just made your stomach drop. Did she say 17 steps? SEVEN. TEEN?!

Here's the deal: Following this Writing GPS is not exhausting. It's remarkably freeing. It turns our discombobulated thoughts into coherent, clear writing that others can understand and appreciate and love.

In this 75-minute extravaganza and process-palooza... you'll get:

  • An understanding of the 3 distinct parts to writing. (Hint: "Writing" is only part of it.)
  • A detailed look at the 17 steps in the GPS framework, both big and small (and why they matter).
  • An inside look at the 10 things ridiculously good writers do to set themselves (and their content) apart.