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Jan 18 - Jan 18, 2023

How to Build a High-Converting Lead Magnet


How to Build a High-Converting Lead Magnet

Lead magnets are the cornerstone of a solid demand gen strategy. But not all lead magnets are created equal. In this free training, Kenda Macdonald will show you how to create a lead magnet that profiles your prospects, increases conversions, and supports your sales team.

If you've ever said...

"My lead magnets aren't working," or
"I don't know what lead magnets to create," or
"I don't know if I have the right lead magnets..."

Join us for How to Build a High-Converting Lead Magnet, a free (no-pitch/no-sales) webinar with demand generation expert Kenda Macdonald.

Some lead magnets are far better than others.

And good lead magnets should do much more than attract your prospects and collect leads.

Join us for this practical and actionable webinar, and learn how to create high-converting lead magnets that:

  • Progressively profile your prospects and give you data to support them on their buying journey
  • Educate prospects on your solutions and give you a healthy bump in average order value (AOV)
  • Move your leads from marketing qualified leads (MQL) to sales qualified leads (SQL) and increase your sales conversations
  • Address objections early so your sales department can convert more prospects into happy customers

You'll leave this webinar with loads of ideas, a cheat sheet to help you remember everything you learn, and strategies you can implement immediately to create high-converting lead magnets.