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Mar 08, 2023

Campaign US Brand Entertainment Awards 2023

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Campaign US
Campaign US Brand Entertainment Awards 2023

As the number of ad-supported media opportunities continues to shrink, brands must find unique and interesting ways to integrate with content across a variety of platforms. The Brand Entertainment Awards showcases this renaissance across film, audio, documentaries, live events, products, web series, music festivals, animation, fashion shows, gaming and much more.

Rebranded from its previous incarnation as the Brand Film Awards, the program now encompasses and celebrates the full gamut of branded content integrations in modern marketing, including - but not limited to - brand films.

This unique awards program uplifts and celebrates the new wave of marketing storytelling as it meshes with consumer entertainment, while rewarding the brands, agencies and craftspeople leading the way in their fields.

This program is not for TV commercials. Though it resists easy definition, branded content typically focuses on a story rather than a brand, product or service. Jurors reserve the right to reject any entry they feel does not meet this definition.