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Apr 07 - Apr 07, 2022

Bloomberg Wealth Summit


New York, NY
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Financial Services
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Bloomberg Wealth Summit

As the world enters year three of the ongoing global pandemic, wealth managers seem to be finally getting their legs under them after the lost year of 2020 and the nascent recovery of 2021. Rising inflation fears, market volatility, and low yields from conventional sources continue to bedevil investors but there are signs of growth and with that growth, opportunity. Alternative investments including private equity, credit markets, real estate, and especially cryptocurrencies offer huge upside for savvy investors but getting into these vehicles is often not easy. At this year’s edition of Bloomberg Wealth, we’ll examine how the ongoing global economic situation is forcing investors and wealth managers to continue to search for yields outside of the traditional equity/income/cash categories. And how that search is fueling a new generation of financial technology that’s putting more and more retail investors into higher-yielding, and riskier, investments that have heretofore been primarily the domain of accredited investors. Drawing on the deep expertise of the world’s largest newsroom, and its dedicated global wealth reporting team, the Bloomberg Wealth Summit provides private investors, family offices, and financial advisors actionable intelligence and news they can use through smart panels, one-on-one interviews and interactive audience Q&A with leading investors, economists, money managers, and policy professionals.