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Mar 14 - Mar 14, 2023

Insight Alchemy


London, UK
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Insights Development , Analytics / Data
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Insight Alchemy

Bookings for Insight Alchemy 2023, the MRS Annual Conference, are now open

Alchemy ['alkImi], noun, the transmutation of matter, in particular with attempts to convert base metals into gold, or find a universal elixir.

We can’t promise gold. And we know that whatever its benefits, insight isn’t a universal elixir. 

But through countless stories of excellence in our sector we do know that the best research professionals turn base data into the golden nuggets of insight that can transform business, public institutions, and society.

At a time when all three are under stress – economic, emotional, and environmental – it’s more important than ever to support decision-makers with insights that can uncover the best formulae to build better times.

We’re face-to-face again for Insight Alchemy 2023 – the first in—person annual conference since 2020. Shifting to a one-day format means we can offer a more concentrated experience – with less time out of work, and more effective networking opportunities.

Above all, we want Insight Alchemy to be practical. Every delegate should come away with a to-do list that will enhances the way they work – now (dealing with the current pressures on budgets and resources); next (coping with the changes in business and society that are inevitable in a global recession); and later – never forgetting that our ability to create insight from evidence evolves over time.