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Jan 18 - Jan 18, 2023

Marketing: Politics


Washington, DC
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Content Marketing , CTV , Social Media , Market Research , Audience Measurement
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Marketing: Politics

After-Action 2022: Where Did $16 Billion Go, Anyway?

By some estimates, national and local election campaigns spent more than $16 billion this cycle. What did it buy them, in the end? At MediaPost's 10th annual Marketing Politics we follow the money. As major platforms enforced more restrictive political ad policies and diminished their targeting and tracking features, how did campaigns reallocate budgets into and out of digital channels? CTV and YouTube emerged as major beneficiaries, but how were marketers using these channels in the mix and choosing among the many AVOD streamers vying for their budgets?

Many campaigns leaned much more heavily into P2P, now for fundraising as well as GOTV, so what worked? Is TikTok the new Facebook for campaigns? Are these emerging channels effectively engaging the youth vote...finally?

And how did all of this media mix vary across races? This year we sample individual campaigns and cases to explore the variety of tactics that worked in a range of circumstances.

We Will Explore:
- The impact of new platform policy, targeting, reporting on allocation
- Innovating within the CTV explosion
- The omnichannel youth vote effort
- Expanding the Peer-to-Peer mobile playbook
- Campaign case studies 
- Can TikTok do politics?

For the past decade, January MediaPost's Marketing Politics has been THE after-action report, where both parties and their agencies compare notes on where all that money went...and whether and where it mattered.