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Aug 04 - Aug 06, 2023

2023 AMA Summer Academic Conference


San Francisco, CA
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Research , Market Research , CX - Customer Experience
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2023 AMA Summer Academic Conference

A World Disrupted: Marketing’s Role in Understanding, Adapting and Transforming the Business Ecosystem

The world has faced exceptional uncertainties recently, including the ongoing pandemic, regional conflicts, economic volatility, and supply chain disruptions. These uncertainties are compounded by the accelerating climate crisis and a growing sense that social and political discourse is fracturing globally. Practitioners, consumers, and other stakeholders are challenged to adapt and thrive economically, psychologically, and socially amidst these challenges. Marketing has a special responsibility in helping the world navigate the current environment toward a more harmonious future. The 2023 AMA Summer Academic Conference invites research that highlights the role of marketing in advancing our understanding of the complex challenges at hand and in shaping resilient business ecosystems that can respond proactively, equitably, and sustainably.

Mark your calendar and plan to attend the 2023 AMA Summer Academic Conference in San Francisco, CA, which will illustrate how marketing plays an integral role in understanding, adapting and transforming our business ecosystem.

If you cannot join us in San Francisco, select virtual programming will be available. More details will be made available this Spring.