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Jan 19 - Jan 19, 2023

Managing Stakeholder Relationships


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CX - Customer Experience , Audience Measurement
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Managing Stakeholder Relationships

Apply Active Listening to Perceive Customers Needs and Wants

As marketers, our world revolves around people – understanding the customer, user, prospects, employee and internal stakeholder experiences. Not only does each audience group look at things differently, but each person within that audience is unique. So how can we truly understand this wide array of perspectives and effectively communicate what is most important to them?

In comes Active Listening. Active Listening is a full measure of perceiving what a Customer needs and ultimately wants to do. In this virtual workshop, we’ll take you on a journey to practice Active Listening and experience the value of “flipping the script” with the key stakeholders you engage with as a marketer. So get ready for a ride of collaboration, reflection and resources to start implementing in your role right away.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand why Customer has a capital C
  • Learn the four core competencies for listening to Customers & Stakeholders
  • Gain insight into areas of strength and challenge for one’s active listening skill
  • Learn how to keep the listening button turned on
  • Discover the importance of artifacts in a Customer process