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Jun 13 - Jun 13, 2023

FT Women in Business Summit Europe


FT Women in Business Summit Europe

What it means to be a leader – and what is expected of them – has changed drastically over the past few years. Leaders have had to navigate businesses through geopolitical and market uncertainty, while ensuring their companies remain competitive and relevant. Yet many senior leadership teams at the helm of world’s biggest companies don’t reflect the people and communities they serve. How can investing in diverse leadership, fresh management strategies and tackling challenges in the executive pipeline help businesses perform better? What does a future leader look like? How should organisations empower the next generation of female business leaders and assist them in the journey to the top?


FT Women in Business Summit Europe is aimed at senior business executives across all sectors who are keen to engage, learn and share tactics on inclusive leadership, responsible business and the future of work. This one-day event will give attendees the opportunity to be part of an exclusive community of leaders, as well as provide actionable takeaways for transformation, innovation and positive change in their businesses. The programme will feature panel discussions, networking opportunities, inspiring keynotes and practical workshops to help achieve leadership skills and strategies for future success.