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Mar 01 - Mar 02, 2023

Business of Football Summit


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Brand Marketing , Content Marketing , eSports , Sports Marketing
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Business of Football Summit

Private capital continues to flood into European football, with American investors taking a large slice of the pie. While some of these investors may never have run a football club before, their understanding of the power of data and analytics in boosting fan engagement, their experience in negotiating media rights, and their fresh ideas on branding could be transformative for the European game. But with the finances of even the most famous clubs under pressure from ever-rising player salaries and pandemic-related revenue losses, do these new investors have a magic formula to boost returns and win trophies? How do you make money in the current football economy and why are valuations so high? How will clubs be impacted by the global economic slowdown and new UEFA financial fair play rules?

The Business of Football Summit returns for its fifth edition to discuss these issues and more, including the impact of the latest European Championships on the women’s game. Leading investors, club and league executives, regulators, broadcasters, tech innovators, advisors and other key influencers will share their insights in discussion with FT journalists, both in-person in London and virtually before a global audience.