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Feb 15 - Feb 15, 2023

E-Commerce: Building Resilience in a Downturn


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E-Commerce: Building Resilience in a Downturn

Senior Industry Leaders Will Share Their Insights

As the economy enters a recession predicted to last until next year and beyond, the online consumer boom is slowing down, and disposable income is being squeezed in the face of rising inflation, energy prices and the cost-of-living crisis. Digital spending patterns and consumer behaviour are changing again, and enterprises need to adapt once more.  But how successfully are they doing so, and what steps are they taking to bolster their e-commerce businesses?  

This 50-minute webinar, organised by FT Live in partnership with PayPal, will address these issues and more, sharing experiences from major enterprises across different consumer-driven sectors, who are all tackling the challenges of meeting changing customer needs in the tough economic climate.