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Feb 09 - Feb 09, 2023

Asia Green Tech Summit


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Digital , Technology , CX - Customer Experience , AI/ML
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Asia Green Tech Summit

Digital transformation, both internally and externally focused, has been a top priority for leaders as they try to gain an edge over competitors while simultaneously creating an effective platform for future innovation. Companies who successfully embrace advances in technology and changing attitudes could see themselves positioned at the forefront of the market, prepared to fully capitalise on every opportunity. However effective digital transformation is not easy to achieve, one survey found that two thirds of leaders have stated that they have failed to effectively digitise their operations. 


Effective digitisation requires both investment and careful strategic planning to ensure that the needs of all stakeholders are effectively met. This is key as organisations who undertake digital transformation without understanding what their operations and customers need could see themselves not just failing to maximise growth but actually struggling to maintain their existing market position. It is also important that leaders implement a technology driven culture within their workforce to ensure their digitalisation strategies are as effective as possible. If digital transformation is going to be successful, leaders must ask themselves what needs do different stakeholders have in common, where do they differ and how can technology help them meet these demands?


The Financial Times, in partnership with DBS, will explore how companies in Asia can leverage technology to keep up with the demands of an increasingly digital customer base while also looking at how technology can help to underpin growth opportunities and more efficient, effective internal operations.