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Jan 31, 2023

Web3 Marketing Trailblazers

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Ad Age
Web3 Marketing Trailblazers

Ad Age is issuing a call for its first class of Web3 Marketing Trailblazers. We’re looking for the most innovative marketers at brands, agencies, tech companies, publishers, startups and Web3 communities. If you, or any marketing visionary you know, is making it in the metaverse, then we want to recognize them.

The list of 2023 honorees will reflect individuals who worked on campaigns or other brand-building initiatives in 2022 to help companies explore Web3, and Web3-adjacent spaces. These projects should go beyond a basic NFT drop or one-time token promotion. Marketers should be thinking about the next level of the metaverse by collaborating with Web3 communities, designing digital products and building virtual worlds.

This is Ad Age’s first official honorific for Web3, and we are looking for the brand builders who can show the way for generations to come. And don’t forget: WAGMI!