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Mar 01 - Mar 01, 2023

The Promise of Hyper-Personalization Realized (B2B Marketing Webinar Series)


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Content Marketing , Digital
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The Promise of Hyper-Personalization Realized (B2B Marketing Webinar Series)

There’s a lot of talk in the marketing world about ABM and hyper-personalization – have you ever wondered what it actually looks like when it works at scale? Look no further than Esquire Bank (NASDAQ: ESQ). In this session, you’ll hear from a leading financial services organization-turned-fintech that transformed from a referral-based business to having 50% of all sales generated digitally, through hyper-personalized content marketing in just two years.

Join Kyall Mai, Senior Vice President & Chief Innovation Officer of Esquire Bank, and Ted Kohnen, CEO of brand, marketing and content agency Park & Battery, as they discuss:

  • The optimal tech stack and data strategy for enabling true ABM and hyper-personalization
  • The use of a hybrid, multi-channel approach of digital and physical channels to surround and engage its targets efficiently
  • The critical role of content to fuel lead generation at the top of the funnel, sales qualification in mid-funnel, and closed business at the bottom
  • How Esquire does it all with a customer-centric, budget-conscious approach