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Oct 22 - Oct 25, 2023

TV & Video Insider Summit


TV & Video Insider Summit

TV & Video's 2023 & Beyond Mandate: Quality Over Quantity

2023 has been another test-and-learn year for video advertisers and media buyers. With the economic instability, along with ever-expanding streaming channels, changing measurements, and growing programmatic and social media video alternatives, the TV and video landscape is continually changing.

And with all of these options, capturing consumer’s engagement is more challenging than ever.  How are marketers breaking through the noise?

In case studies, discussion sessions, and MediaPost's signature daily roundtables, we bring some of the most experienced video buyers and planners together to share their best practices and help us sort through the complexities.

Over the 3 mornings we will explore:

- Video everywhere planning
- Effective measurement strategies around cross channel behaviors
- Is realtime video optimization a reality?
- Managing video fatigue, frequency and attribution challenges
- TikTok, Insta, Reels: attention grabbing scrollable tv
- Creator community vs Influencers
- Which video formats and content are breaking through the clutter and driving the best ROI?
- Tracking and quantifying video impact
- Which metrics do marketers rely on to determine marketing success?
- Audience targeting in today’s multi-screen, data restrictive world