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May 10 - May 13, 2023

Brand Insider Summit: D2C


Charleston, SC
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Brand Insider Summit: D2C

The Year of Efficiency for D2C: Tactics for Doing More With Less

Doing more with less is the catch phrase for 2023 among D2Cs and tech companies, but how will marketers drive growth? As consumer budgets tighten and their brand loyalty plummets as they seek affordable alternatives. As the cookie-based Internet that tracked performance so well crumbles? As that mantra? As subscription fatigue sets in? As many D2Cs bring their products to brick-and-mortar and have to rethink their marketing priorities?

At MediaPost's Brand Insider Summit: D2C, the digital natives share their solutions. For using their social commerce and new social channels. For driving D2C and B&M traffic simultaneously. For using old school channels like direct mail, print and OOH to reach new audiences. For increasing LTV and retention in a cluttered space.

We will explore:
- Balancing D2C with brick-and-mortar marketing efforts
- Leveraging D2C Partnerships
- Social commerce and livestream shopping
- Customer acquisition in the post-cookie world
Driving search through social media
Building CRM, LTV
- Community management as a Customer Service Tool
Subscription models that last
UGC and Influencers
Print, mail, OOH as D2C vehicles

At the 9th edition of MediaPost's long-running D2C Brand Insider Summit, we lean into the next toolkit for how to do more with less.

In case studies, discussion sessions and MediaPost's signature daily roundtables, we bring some of the most experienced D2C marketers together to share their best practices and examples.