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Search & Performance Insider Summit

As we approach an economic downturn with inflation, rising bills, and, as a result, reduced consumer spending, brands are being forced to redefine their marketing strategies. With the changes in data privacy and the loss of cookies (for real this time), performance marketers are facing many challenges, and the need to find new ways to sustain growth is imperative.

Connecting and maintaining consistent and relevant relationships with consumers throughout path-to-purchase is a must. What kinds of personalization and engagement tactics are resonating with today’s customers? And will they still in 2023?

We will explore:
- Tactical and holistic strategizing across all media channels
- Content that drives consumers both down and up the funnel
- Leveraging holistic measurement to understand campaign performance
- Increasing reach in a cookie-less world

For 17 years, the MediaPost Search and Performance Summit has kept data driven marketers ahead of the next industry curves. This winter’s edition explores why an omnichannel strategy is necessary in today’s consumer-centric world.