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May 07 - May 10, 2023

Search & Performance Insider Summit


Charleston, SC
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Brand Marketing , Cookieless , Insights Development , Media Measurement , Audience Measurement
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Search & Performance Insider Summit

Driving Trends in Today’s Omnichannel World

Marketers must be agile and flexible if they expect to keep up with today’s evolving consumer landscape. Fueled by rising inflation and economic uncertainty, consumers’ buying behaviors and habits are constantly in flux. How can marketers keep up with these perpetual changes? With the demise of Cookies and more data restrictions, measurement and attribution are even a bigger challenge. Also, complicating things is the expansion of third party retailers. Not only is there more competition, but how do you know which platforms are right for your brand? How do invest your dollars and validate that spend in today’s omnichannel environment?

On the positive side, zero and first-party data are now a staple in most marketers’ toolkits. Consumers are also becoming part of the marketing conversation by inserting themselves into content creation. For example, providing reviews on social media channels like TikTok and Instagram. And Google, look out! Social platforms are quickly becoming the new search engines of choice, with consumers, especially younger audiences, leveraging social to not only search products and services but make online shopping purchases as well. Brands need to authentically be a part of these conversations by connecting and maintaining consistent and relevant relationships with consumers throughout path-to-purchase.

We will explore:
- Tactical and holistic strategizing across all media channels
- Content that drives consumers both down and up the funnel
- Leveraging holistic measurement to understand campaign performance
- Justifying the spend and tying business metrics back to upper funnel
- Consumers as your advocates by leaving reviews on Google Maps, Tik Tok, etc.
- Driving Search through social media channels like TikTok and Instagram
- Retail Media Networks and its growth as a media channel
- Leveraging zero-click content on Google
- Continuing to navigate the post-cookie world and gathering zero and first-party data
- Use of evolving tech such as AI in search

For 17 years, the MediaPost Search and Performance Summit has kept data driven marketers ahead of the next industry curves. This spring’s edition explores why keeping up with the ever evolving consumer landscape is necessary in today’s fast changing world.