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Brand Insider Summit: Pharma & Health

Your New Health Marketing Plan: Re-Mapping the Patient-First Journey

Reaching the consumer has never been so challenging or fragmented. Direct-to-consumer competition, a telehealth revolution accelerated by the worldwide health crisis and an information-rich (and misinformation)-rich environment have reshuffled the health consumer journey for every corner of healthcare. Marketers in pharma, insurance, diagnostics, mental health and hospital care - all have had to remap their strategies in the face of multiple disruptions. New marketing prescriptions are needed.

Using MediaPost's signature Brand Insider format, we invite an intimate group of marketers to share their best practices around the key touchpoints of the new patient journey: re-mapping media plans, driving more personalized CRM, learning from the new generation of DTC players, innovating around brand building, building better health martech stacks. Through case studies, Q&As and roundtables, we spend three days of genuine conversation among the brands that are thinking hard about the shape of healthcare marketing for the 2020s.

We will explore:

  • Reallocating media for retailized healthcare
  • Learning customer acquisition from the DTC disruptors
  • Data-driven, privacy-aware CRM
  • The patient-first martech stack
  • Leveraging social proof in health marketing

The health marketing terrain has shiften radically. At MediaPost's Brand Insider Summit - Pharma and Health we bring together brands that are building new maps.