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Aug 15, 2022

Black Podcasting Awards

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Black Podcasting Awards
Black Podcasting Awards

Podcast host Georgie-Ann Getton-Mckoy answered the call and began to assemble a team. On March 3rd, a mix of Black podcasters and content creators from across the country came together and that night, the Black Podcasting Awards was born. 

BPA is the first podcasting awards for the Black community. For us. By us. It was created to uplift the voices that may not get the awards or accolades they should; while navigating the minimally-diverse world of podcast culture. We’re here to change allllll that. Independent? You found your tribe. Networked? That’s cool too. Curious and want to support? We got you. This is for all of us!

Interested? Wanna learn more? Check out our FAQs. Have a show? Submissions are now open, show us what ya got!

We finna be The Source Awards for podcasting, y’all! Join us online September 30, 2021! Hear us shine!