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Feb 01 - Feb 02, 2023

4A's Decisions 2023


New York, NY
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Agency , Creative , Technology , AdTech/MarTech
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4A's Decisions 2023

We live in a dynamic time of perpetual change. It isn’t a matter of when, but how quickly we embrace and adapt to the ongoing changes. Every day, we experience the advent of new and emerging technologies as well as social and economic shifts that will leave a profound and lasting impact on the industry for years to come. Regardless of the driver, these changes create exciting opportunities and unique challenges for businesses. Success in this age of perpetual disruption requires brands and agencies to be nimble and embrace the need to constantly iterate and adapt their organizational design, talent development, technologies and go-to-market strategies. 

For marketers, the pace of change has opened the path to new opportunities on a level that has rarely been seen before with the virtual world and the real world becoming one new blended “reality.” But with so many paths to explore, how can agencies lead brand partners in the right direction? 

Join us at 4A’s Decisions 2023 to learn and explore ways that agencies and marketers are leveraging emerging trends and how they work together to test and refine their new business models. If you’re not already embracing this new reality, then you are likely behind.