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Adweek Experiential Awards

Adweek is proud to present our fourth annual Adweek Experiential Awards, where we honor the finest in experiential brand marketing.

Following almost two years of social distancing and quarantining, consumers are gaining a greater appreciation for experiences outside their homes, including marketing. Consumers are demanding a mix of art and science—commerce and emotion. Experiential activations are getting more attention than ever. They're where brands and consumers meet in the ultimate physical and digital value exchange. As a source of true connection, experiential is no longer a supporting player to traditional forms of marketing. It’s the foundation of a new level of interaction between marketers and their audience. The space continues to attract the biggest producers, executives and talent in the business who are deploying increasingly ambitious, and effective, brand campaigns.

The Adweek Experiential Awards celebrate the creativity, originality and entrepreneurialism coming out of this rapidly growing sector of the brand marketing ecosystem.

Submissions are accepted across 34 categories and judged by an independent panel of jurors.

Award winners will be announced in the Adweek Experiential Awards issue of Adweek, featured on and invited to the Experiential Awards event to be announced.