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Dec 07 - Dec 07, 2022

How Diversity in Advertising is Evolving


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Creative , Multicultural , Audience Measurement
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The ARF 
How Diversity in Advertising is Evolving

Consumers want to buy from companies that commit to diversity. But mere representational presence in ads is not enough. Brands that produce creative that is authentic in context and elicits emotion from consumers will garner loyalty and ROI. How can brands effectively integrate cultural fluency into communications and branding? What frameworks are helpful? How can we, collectively, understand nuances better to debunk stereotypes and empower all groups of people? On December 7, two companies at the forefront of diversity in advertising research will help answer these questions: Microsoft will share highlights of a recent project that found that diversity increases purchase intent by 20%. Kantar will share recent thought leadership content based on Neuroscience measurement about how consumers respond to I&D cues (race, ethnicity, LGBTQ,) and what works and what doesn’t. Be privy to this fresh research and strengthen your diversity in advertising strategy and tactics. Join us and learn: How diversity in advertising is evolving. How different consumer demographics are reacting to diverse advertising. How advertisers can create more inclusive and accessible campaigns and initiatives.