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Mar 23 - Mar 26, 2022

Data & Programmatic Insider Summit


Scottsdale, AZ
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Programmatic , Media Planning , Analytics / Data
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Data & Programmatic Insider Summit

Identity Crisis?: Building Post-Cookie Strategies App users are opting out of tracking at alarming rates. Browsers are booting the venerable cookie. And the platforms effecting these changes ask brands and agencies to put more trust in the robot overlords: let AI do more of the targeting and buying. The digital terrain is shifting beneath marketers' feet, and we all could use a map: - To navigate the new dynamics of platform automation and segmentation - To build war chests of first party data and lessen reliance on third parties - To create measurment models that peer through opaque walled gardens - To create cross-channel programmatic campaigns that are more than the sum of their parts - To build or buy post-cookie ID tracking solution - To design a data strategy that solves for the post-cookie world At the summer edition of MediaPost's Data and Programmatic Summit the leading data driven advertising experts scout and map the new world of consumer identity, segmentation and measurement.