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Global Agency Awards

Agencies are Making an Impact Worldwide – Let’s Celebrate the Impact You Make.

The Global Agency Awards is recognising and rewarding the work of agencies who are transforming businesses through innovative engaging strategies across multiple marketing media.

What does it take to win an award on a global scale?

The Judges are looking for agency expertise across SEO, content, social, branding, PR, advertising and paid media. An agency that has got to know their clients’ brand and vision, created a strategy and is maximising their influence and dominating the market.

Agencies do not need to be working internationally to enter these awards – campaigns can be local, countrywide, continent-wide or global. Judges want to be sure they award the best in the business, big or small, they want to see measurable added value and growth, they want to see impact and they want to see excellence.

Brought to you by Don’t Panic

The Global Agency Awards are brought to you by Don’t Panic – reputable, ethical and credible award specialists delivering leading digital marketing awards programmes, events and ceremonies across the globe.Celebrating and rewarding excellence in search, social media, ecommerce, biddable media, marketing, web development, content marketing and digital excellence is what we do.