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Nov 30, 2022

Smarties X Global

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Awards , Brand Marketing , Creative , Media Marketing
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Smarties X Global

The SMARTIES Awards is the world’s only global modern marketing awards program honoring and awarding outstanding innovation resulting in significant business impact for brands, agencies, media companies and solution/technology providers.

Judging criteria is as follows: 

Creative: 20%
Strategy: 20%
Execution: 20%
Results (Business Impact): 40%

For the Creative Channel Only, judging criteria is as follows:
Creative: 40%
Strategy: 20%
Execution: 20%
Business Impact: (20%)

There are 3 channels used by modern marketers, and the sectors they operate in. You may enter as many categories as you wish. To increase your chances of winning, consider entering your work in multiple categories and across regions.

New in 2022

In keeping pace with changing consumer behavior, we renamed and added Channels, as well as creating and revamping titles and descriptions for various categories.