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Oct 17 - Oct 19, 2022

Modern Retail DTC Summit


Miami, FL
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Influencer Marketing , Retail
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Modern Retail
Modern Retail DTC Summit

To win at direct-to-consumer, you need to be a master marketer. But recently, a myriad of changes have taken place that threw the traditional marketing manual into the trashcan. For one, there have been privacy updates that made tracking much more difficult. Meanwhile, the cost to get traction on platforms like Facebook has risen tremendously. Meanwhile, scrappy upstart competitors like TikTok are becoming more and more popular with consumers. As a result, DTC brands are rethinking everything they do — from how they reach customers to how best to retain them.

At the Modern Retail DTC Summit, taking place October 17-19 in Miami, Florida, we're going to dive deep into what it means to be a DTC brand in this new marketing landscape -- speaking with leaders in the space about how their business models have shifted and what they're focusing on now. Put together, every session will reveal the modern brand playbook for 2022 and beyond.

Please note: We’re no longer requiring proof of vaccination prior to the event. We encourage masks to be worn indoors, distancing when possible and for attendees to stay home if they have a fever, are feeling sick or are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms. You can find more about our Covid protocols here.