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Oct 17 - Oct 18, 2022

2022 EnvisionB2B Marketplace Summit


2022 EnvisionB2B Marketplace Summit

Introducing the EnvisionB2B Marketplace Summit

Premiering October 17-18 at Chicago’s historic Drake Hotel, the 2022 EnvisionB2B Marketplace Summit is a new, progressive event helping manufacturers, distributors, marketplace operators and other B2B businesses overcome challenges and prosper on digital marketplaces.

We've crafted a unique agenda for a single group setting, delivering a more intimate environment to discuss B2B marketplace strategies and network with marketplace experts to receive valuable best practice advice.

Experts will address and provide solutions to common challenges and answer frequently asked questions, like “how do I know if a marketplace strategy is right for my company and what should I expect?” and “how do I optimize the tools I currently have to promote growth?”

The EnvisionB2B Marketplace Summit is a highly valuable event for B2B professionals of all backgrounds and industries, whether you’re in the initial stages of developing a digital marketplace strategy or looking for actionable knowledge to drive growth in an existing B2B ecommerce business.