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European Content Awards 2023

Celebrating, recognising and rewarding Content Marketing agencies and in-house teams who are creating outstanding marketing campaigns across Europe. 

The European Content Awards doesn’t care where you come from or what language you speak, they only care about what Content you create. With 44 countries and over 200 languages Europe is undoubtably a cultural centre of diversity, however, despite the differences, content creators are coming together to compete and celebrate their achievements – showing the rest of the world that Europe is the most creative continent on the planet.

If you are an agency, in-house team or individual who has created winning Content for the European Market, there is an award category for you. A European Content Award is true testament to a team’s dedication, creativity and expertise.

The past few years has shown us a radically changed landscape and Content is now more important than ever. Content creators who evolve to achieve results stand out from the crowd, and owning a European Content Award is the way to shout about your virtuosity, boost your stature, connect with a greater audience and bring in new business.

Previous winners flaunt their accolades with pride. Being an award winner is proven to increase brand awareness, proven to attract new business and new creative talent, and proven to create a buzz around your brilliance.

The Judges are industry leaders from across Europe, hand-picked for their expertise, insight and experience. The judging process is a rigorous two-stage process which examines every aspect of a campaign from concept to application, to audience experience, to profitability. Their stamp of approval is priceless. Award entry can be one of the most effective forms of marketing and add real value to your business.

The European Content Awards celebrate everyone and anyone who is creating high quality, valuable content which attracts, informs, engages and retains an audience to ultimately deliver traffic and profit.