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Unlock the Hidden Potential of Your First-Party Data

Unlock the Hidden Potential of Your First-Party Data: Drive Impact Across Acquisition, Retention and More

Brands have already started the migration away from third-party cookies in an effort to acquire new customers while bringing new levels of urgency to retaining and growing existing customer relationships. Rethinking how you utilize first-party data – even pre-existing first-party data you’ve already collected – is the key to navigating the increasing demand for privacy while needing to know your customers at the individual level at scale.

Join Resonate CMO Ericka Podesta McCoy as she reveals how to leverage the first-party data you already have to drive impact for acquisition, retention and upsell initiatives:    

  • Why revealing the human behind the consumer is critical for a smarter, more efficient marketing strategy

  • How to unlock value by leveraging first-party data to drive conversion throughout the customer lifecycle

  • Strategies to drive efficient and effective targeting to increase conversion