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Engage CTV Viewers With Killer Creative

Engage CTV Viewers With Killer Creative: Understand Audiences to Optimize Performance

As younger viewers flock to streaming services, connected TV (CTV) is finally having a moment. But as advertisers begin moving their budgets away from linear to CTV, many questions about audience behaviors remain unanswered. What differentiates CTV viewers from linear TV audiences, for instance, and what kind of ad creative performs best when repetition is high and inventory low?

Join MarketCast’s Tom Weiss and Pre-Mediated Media’s Gerard Broussard, who will share exclusive insights from a new report focusing on the creative side of CTV advertising. You’ll find out: 

  • The types of brands and ad creative that resonate best with CTV audiences

  • How to develop an advertising strategy that leverages creative versioning to reduce burnout and annoyance

  • Data and tools CTV advertisers are using to optimize ad scheduling and engagement