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ATTENTION METRICS: Moving from Laboratory to Field Applications

During the last couple of years, interest in attention measurement has grown rapidly. Some advertisers have built attention guarantees into contracts, some agencies are building attention measures into their planning, and a new industry group, The Attention Council, has collected case studies on the value of attention measurement.

Ad impact is affected by media, creative, and relevance to the consumer. Attention metrics, it is argued, can optimize the match between media placement and consumer targets. Attention metrics are also said to improve creative testing, thereby improving campaign outcomes. These claims are plausible and logical, yet ARF research indicates that many marketers think we need more validation evidence.

This event, hosted jointly by the ARF and Adelaide, will feature case studies and focused discussions designed to deepen understanding around how attention metrics work, how to utilize them and the nuances of their application to media and advertising quality measurement.

Space is limited. More speakers to be announced soon.