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Mar 20 - Mar 23, 2022

Brand Insider Summit: D2C


Scottsdale, AZ
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Brand Marketing
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Brand Insider Summit: D2C

D2C Playbook 2022: The Omnichannel Challenge As native digital brands navigate the post-pandemic storm, and more traditional retailers crossover into the D2C lane, the line between e-commerce clicks and retail bricks continues to blur. Trendy products and deeper personal connections, though still important, are no longer enough. Consumers' lives were upended during the crisis and now they expect more from the companies they do business with. They want quality products and services, fast and reliable. And they want access to these products wherever they shop. D2C, meet ommnichannel. Digital native brands need to once again differentiate themselves in order to successfully compete in this ever evolving retail landscape. Many need to widen their distribution, both online and off. And everyone needs to look towards more traditional brand building channels to find new customers and create sustainable growth. We're all omnichannel now. The D2C Brand Insider Summit will cover: - creating a customized omnichannel presence - assessing customer insight & data for a more cost effective media strategy - driving retention via differentiation and personalization across channels - determining optimal brand partnership and offline opportunities - tracking and interpreting the path-to-purchase, both online and off - leveraging tech for a seamless customer experience - maintaining e-commerce website sales as distribution disperses