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Adweek's Hot List 2022

It’s once again time to put together Adweek’s Hot List, which each year honors the best in TV, media and digital & tech, along with spotlighting a Media Visionary and leading creators and executives.

Our iconic Hot List—which will be published in print and online on Oct. 10—evolves every year to recognize new media trends, and 2022 is no exception. New categories this year include Hottest Measurement Company and Hottest in Sustainability.

While submissions are not required for consideration, we welcome your suggestions. Please send us no more than 500 words on why your brand/outlet/show is hot by Aug. 17. Your submission can be emailed to the following editors:

Digital & Tech:

Here is the full list of this year’s Hot List categories in TV, media and digital & tech:


  • TV Executive of the Year
  • TV Creator of the Year 
  • Game Changer of the Year
  • Show of the Year 
  • Hottest Drama Series 
  • Hottest Comedy Series 
  • Hottest Limited Series 
  • Hottest Animated Series
  • Hottest New Series 
  • Hottest Global Series 
  • Hottest Streaming Service
  • Hottest Outlet for Drama
  • Hottest Outlet for Comedy
  • Hottest Outlet for Unscripted 
  • Hottest Outlet for Kids
  • Hottest Outlet for Sports 
  • Hottest Show on Social 
  • Hottest Reality/Competition Series 
  • Hottest Late-Night Host 
  • Hottest Cable News Program 
  • Hottest Branded Content 
  • Hottest TV Franchise 
  • Hottest Revival 
  • Hottest Measurement Company 


  • Media Executive of the Year 
  • Media Editor of the Year
  • Hottest Magazine of the Year 
  • Hottest Magazine Cover of the Year 
  • Hottest Design/Photography in a Magazine 
  • Hottest Story of the Year 
  • Hottest in Business News 
  • Hottest in Celebrity/Entertainment 
  • Hottest in Sports 
  • Hottest in Home and Lifestyle 
  • Hottest in Health 
  • Hottest in Travel 
  • Hottest in Fashion 
  • Hottest in Food 
  • Hottest in News 
  • Hottest in Podcasts 
  • Hottest in Subscription Services 
  • Hottest in Ecommerce 
  • Hottest in Events 
  • Hottest Medium Expansion 
  • Hottest Media Merger 
  • Hottest New Launch 
  • Hottest in Sustainability 
  • Hottest in Tech 
  • Hottest in Local News 

Digital & Tech

  • Digital & Tech Executive of the Year 
  • Digital & Tech Creator of the Year 
  • Hottest Digital Obsession 
  • Hottest App 
  • Hottest Acquisition 
  • Hottest Game 
  • Hottest Platform 
  • Hottest Gadget 
  • Hottest Shopping Platform