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Sep 08 - Sep 08, 2022

Campaign Tech Talks: Identity in Flux


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Campaign Tech Talks: Identity in Flux

Consumer privacy rules and regulations are evolving, and that’s having a major impact on digital advertisers. Cookies are disappearing, tech giants such as Apple and Google are cracking down on tracking capabilities and advertisers are losing critical signals they have depended upon. This event will dive into the ways that advertisers are adapting to this change and finding effective solutions in a privacy-safe future.

Panel 1: Untangling the web of U.S. privacy regulation

Without a federal privacy law, U.S. advertisers are left navigating a patchwork of privacy regulations across states. Campaign US will bring together experts to help you wrap your head around the privacy landscape — explaining what privacy laws exist now, and what changes to anticipate in the next few years. We’ll also look ahead at what could change if federal privacy law passes and what
federal legislation might look like.

Without a federal privacy law, advertisers in the U.S. are navigating a patchwork of privacy regulations across states.

  • What privacy laws exist now and which are in development? How might this change over the next few years?
  • What is expected to change if federal privacy law passes? What might federal legislation look like?

Panel 2: How Apple’s crackdown has changed the game — and what might come next

Apple has taken a strict approach to consumer privacy issues, implementing controls that led to a lot of signal loss for advertisers on its platforms. As Apple, Google and other tech giants continue to implement stricter ad tracking policies, how is this impacting advertisers and the digital ad ecosystem? Join us for a discussion with experts across the industry who will share how they are adapting to
this new landscape.

Apple has led on consumer privacy issues, implementing ATT last year, eliminated tracking signals used by advertisers. Apple has indicated that it will only continue to implement more user controls and stricter ad tracking policies.

  • How is this shift impacting advertisers and the rest of the digital ad ecosystem?
  • How are ad tech companies, advertisers and brands adapting to this new privacy-forward landscape?
  • There are several privacy-preserving solutions being created in response, but are they effective?

Panel 3: Can identity and privacy co-exist?

When used right, consumer data and online identity fuel seamless customer experiences. But when solutions fall short, they can leave sensitive personal information at risk. Are new identity capabilities —such as clean rooms and first-party data — ethical, or do they replace one intrusive practice with another? This panel will bring together identity and privacy experts to discuss if it’s possible to truly preserve privacy in identity solutions and what safeguards must be considered.