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Oct 12 - Oct 14, 2022

Digiday Media Buying Summit


Digiday Media Buying Summit

As we enter the final quarter of 2022, agencies are adapting to a tougher business environment than where they started the year: client cutbacks in spending, as well as their own increased costs for talent and resources, data and measurement challenges as identifiers change, and privacy rules that foment uncertainty. Even the momentum of diversity, equity and inclusion progress appears to have stalled somewhat. Challenges abound.

But it’s also a time of tremendous opportunity, particularly in the realm of programmatic buying, which continues to wend its way into more of the investment process with each year. Meanwhile, e-commerce and next-generation innovations from the world of Web3 open up new horizons, while traditional channels like B2B marketing reestablish their importance in the marketing ecosystem.

Join us at Digiday’s Media Buying Summit: The Programmatic Buyer as we discuss the trials and successes of navigating these turbulent but nutrient-rich waters.