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Aug 24 - Aug 27, 2022

MediaPost Data & Programmatic Insider Summit


Lake Tahoe, CA
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CTV , Retail , Programmatic , OOH , Analytics / Data
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MediaPost Data & Programmatic Insider Summit

What's the Plan? Future Proofing Digital Advertising for 2023

So, what's the plan? Change and unpredictability are the only constants for the data driven advertising market in 2023. So what ID solutions are media buyers committing to in the face of browser revisions and looming regulations? How are they using the new generation of Retail Media Networks and ad-supported CTV as each builds even more walled gardens. How are they reconciling their incompatibilities and measuring consistently? How are they addressing brand erosion and clutter with upper-funnel investment that drives performance as well? And how are they meeting consumer and marketer expectations for more personalized, relevant digital experiences at all touchpoints?

So, what's the plan?

We will explore:

  • Which ID solutions are buyers buying?
  • Navigating Retail Media Networks
  • Measuring across CTV/OTT platforms
  • Personalizing the Programmatic ad experience
  • Building the better first-party data strategy
  • Making programmatic OOH work

At the summer Data and Programmatic Insider Summit, we ask some of the biggest media buyers and planners to show their work and share their plans. Through the Insider Summit recipe of case studies, purpose-driven discussions and open roundtables, we surface the strategies and tactics marketers are putting in place now to future-proof their digital ad plans.