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Aug 09 - Aug 09, 2022

Media, Games and Television 2022 in discussion


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Media, Games and Television 2022 in discussion

Join us for an expert led discussion exploring the Media Sector in 2022. Following on from our first Media report in 2021, our webinar will not only focus on the incredibly rapid growth of digital media and the streaming “giants” but also the traditional media such as books, newspapers and music.

Our experts will drill down into  the growth of physical gaming on consoles and PCs; streaming music; downloadable VOD content; and everything in between.

For a complete picture of this dynamic sector, join our webinar as we also look at 10 media-selling brands from around the world and assess their growth.
Key players featured are: Apple, Amazon, Disney, eBay, GameStop, Microsoft, Netflix, Nintendo, Spotify and iQIYI.