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Sep 21 - Sep 24, 2022

Online News Association Conference


Los Angeles, CA
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Online News Association
Online News Association Conference

As the premier gathering of highly engaged digital journalists who are shaping the future of media, ONA’s annual conference is a global journalism festival offering interactive panels, workshops and networking events with some of the most innovative minds in digital news media, including audience and analytics professionals, news product, strategy and business executives and entrepreneurs. Learn more about the annual conference and check out past events.

Get ready to pitch session ideas and speakers

Each year, the ONA conference seeks to share best practices, practical tips and inspiring talks for those working in journalism. The ONA22 Suggestion Box will be your opportunity to pitch ideas and speakers. Pitches to the Suggestion Box are a starting point for brainstorming and discussion among submitters and the program team. Everyone is welcome to submit, and most of the conference programming emerges from these pitches from the community.

Take a look at the ONA21 Suggestion Box information to get a head start on crafting your idea, and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when the ONA22 Suggestion Box opens.