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Oct 13 - Oct 13, 2022

DATT Unplugged 2022


New York, NY
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Analytics / Data , AI/ML
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DATT Unplugged 2022

DATT Unplugged – The Future of Data – October 13

Data has long been the fuel for the engine that drives optimal customer experiences. However, unlocking data’s value is more challenging than ever thanks to pending cookie deprecation along with new privacy and regulatory changes being implemented. 

Today’s modern marketers know a data strategy is more important than ever. The savvy modern marketer also knows a successful data strategy requires more than technology and the path forward is challenging.

At DATT Unplugged, attendees will learn how to navigate organizational and technical complexities, the evolving marketing ecosystem including the privacy and regulatory landscape, and where to make the right data investments while advancing their long-term modernization strategy.

This year’s program will feature the following sessions:

  • The Future of Identity: How Are Advertisers, Publishers and Platforms Adapting
  • Data Driven Experience Delivery: Success Stories and Learnings 
  • Personalization Defined: The State of the Industry 
  • Return on Omnichannel Experience: The Proof Case for AI Personalization
  • Unification of Signal Data: Building the Case for Open Platforms
  • The Rise of Retail Media and Connected TV: What You Need to Know
  • Restoring Trust: How Brands Are Building Trust From Within
  • The Future of Data: Web 3.0, NFTs, the Metaverse and Beyond

Register today for DATT Unplugged, an in-person event, as we bring marketers, publishers, and platforms together to resolve these challenges and collectively #ShapeTheFuture of marketing together.