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Aug 24 - Aug 24, 2022

Modern Marketing Talk 2022


Jakarta, Indonesia
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Modern Marketing Talk 2022

Our initiatives to #ShapeTheFuture in digital marketing has led to the creation of MMA Marketing Talks. It is the latest capability building series that bring together leading industry experts from the marketing ecosystem.

Why this event is important:
We are in the midst of a historic digital disruption as digital products and services are rapidly transforming the business sector forever. The rapid adoption of digital technologies and the increasing penetration of smart devices in Indonesia mean that there is a need for businesses to pick up new solutions in order to keep up with the evolving consumer landscape.

Data & Insights for Indonesia:
From the MMA Indonesia Modern Marketing Reckoner 2021 report, we know that 71% of consumers are spending more time online and 42% of consumers are indulging in more online shopping than before. From the same report, we also know that 48% of consumers search online before making a purchase, and 51% of consumers order online more than before. The Central Bank of Indonesia projects the value of e-commerce transactions in Indonesia will increase by 31.2% in 2022 compared to 2021. In this field, we are currently witnessing the dynamism of many new shifts and terms that we often hear: Digital Commerce, Social Commerce, Conversation Commerce, and so on.

From the MMA & WARC Modern Marketing in Indonesia report 2021, we are informed that marketeers in Indonesia are starting to consider Augmented Reality (13%), Virtual Reality (14%), and NFT (7%) as these are to be even more significant in the next 2 years. This will also include Metaverse and other trends that are shaping 2022 and beyond. Keeping in mind the rapid transformation taking shape, and with all the exciting opportunities in various media platforms, we are witnessing a growing need for immersive experiences, and with this comes the most important topic of brand safety.

The Key Topics & Challenges That Will Be Addressed:
To stay ahead of the curve, MMA Global Indonesia has taken the initiative to create The Modern Marketing Talk Event which will look into every single aspect of the transformation mentioned above and help marketers take advantage of the growing digital landscape in Indonesia.
We will also have discussions on how best to juggle multiple elements such as better user experience, first party data, data privacy, digital , e-commerce, brand safety, blockchain, Metaverse & other topics that focus on outlook & trends in Indonesia at this time.
We will also include sessions that will help brands and agencies revamp their content and creative strategies to ensure that their audience is paying attention to them.

Who All Should Join Us:
Come join us as our industry BEST Thought Leaders and Experts reveal their experiences, challenges, opportunities and success stories, and together we will talk and learn more about how to #shapethefuture of Modern Marketing. We welcome everyone from all industries, primarily Brands/Marketers, All Agencies, Telecommunication industries, Media / Publishers, E-Commerce Players, Start-Up’s, Ad Networks & Ad Tech Companies, Research Companies, other Associations and anyone interested to learn more about the above topics.