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Nov 03 - Nov 03, 2022

Core Components of Branding


Core Components of Branding

Learn How To Build a Valuable Brand

While most marketers have a general sense of what a brand is, it’s not always clear how to define and document a brand. What does it take to define and build a brand in the context of an organization? How do you bring strategy, design and messaging together in a way that sets clear boundaries and direction? 

When you know exactly what components are necessary to define a brand and set direction, branding becomes much clearer and more effective at reinforcing core desired equities in customers’ minds.

In this virtual workshop, we’ll cover the steps to create and define a brand. You’ll learn what internal and external assets are required to create a new brand or sharpen an existing one. And you’ll leave with visual and messaging guidelines that drive clarity in your advertising, communication and product development.