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Sep 14 - Sep 14, 2022

Off-Page SEO Fundamentals for Marketers


Off-Page SEO Fundamentals for Marketers

Improve Your Website SEO

Most marketers focus their SEO activities on keywords, content and on-page optimization. However, that only accounts for 50% of what contributes to SEO. What happens away from your site is just as important as what you do on your site.

This training explores the other half of SEO: off-page optimization. In this 3-hour fundamentals session, you’ll learn about backlinks, social SEO, digital PR, link building, and how overall brand reputation contributes to maintaining and growing results.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how your site is doing from an off-page perspective compared to your competitors
  • Understand activities you can do to get effective, legitimate backlinks to your site and content
  • Learn about free, low-cost and premium tools and resources