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Jun 27 - Jun 27, 2022

Intro to UX for Digital Marketing Success


Intro to UX for Digital Marketing Success

Marketers often misunderstand User Experience (UX). Isn’t UX the same as marketing and Customer Experience (CX)? What happens to the performance of our products and websites when UX is overlooked?

In this virtual workshop, we’ll bridge the divide between marketing and UX so marketers will be more informed and trained to contribute to UX efforts. These efforts help move the needle for higher ROI on the performance of your products and websites.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn about the typical roles within UX, how to define UX and potential implications within projects as related to marketers
  • Become a marketer who is also a UX evangelist and learn how to make the business case for user experience within your organization
  • Learn skills like UX strategy, effective user targeting, and task prioritization through hands-on exercises and real-life examples to aid your marketing efforts