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Jun 16 - Jun 16, 2022

Women in Tech: Customers of the Future


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Women in Marketing
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The Information
Women in Tech: Customers of the Future

On June 16, 2022 The Information will be hosting the next installment of our invitation-only leadership forum Women in Tech: Customers of the Future.

This intimate event will feature fireside chats, live Q&A and breakout masterclass sessions hosted by The Information’s editorial team. Topics to include:

  • Customers in the Metaverse (VR & AR): Upcoming headsets that immerse wearers in digital worlds will spawn new software ecosystems. Which platforms (Facebook/Meta, Apple, Microsoft, Snap, Sony, etc.) should application developers bet on, how can they get ahead of what’s coming, and what kind of apps will attract the most customers?
  • Personalization & AI: How brands and app developers are harnessing advanced machine techniques to personalize customer experiences and boost sales. 
  • Winning the Talent War: Employee compensation, remote work policies and corporate perks are changing rapidly in a tougher macroeconomic environment. Leaders discuss winning strategies for startups and mature companies alike, and how they are handling employee pressure about everything from increasing diversity to making public political declarations. And, what is a chief metaverse officer and do you need one?
  • Kids & Tech: Social platforms and smartphones drastically changed the childhood development of millennials and Gen Z. What can we expect the metaverse to do to Generation Alpha? Leaders will explore how to responsibly prepare for this next wave of consumers.

During the event participants will have the opportunity to learn from women who have the leading edge in their careers.

Speakers to include:

  • ​Julia White, Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer, SAP
  • Pearly Chen, VP, HTC
  • Nicole Lindsay, SVP of People & Capability for Product & Technology, Mastercard
  • Allison Pickens, Investor & Board Director, & former COO, Gainsight
  • Samantha John, Co-founder, Hopscotch
  • Susie Jaramillo, President & Chief Creative Officer, Encantos
  • Jaleh Rezaei, Co-founder & CEO, Mutiny
  • Heather Akuiyibo , VP of Sales, Growth, Startups & Commercial, Databricks
  • Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov, Founder, DIGITALEM
  • Jenna Seiden, VP of Business Development, Niantic Labs
  • Marissa Huang, Head of Talent, Playground Global
  • Maisha Gray-Diggs, Ph.D., VP of Global Talent Acquisition, Eventbrite
  • Ashley Crowder, Co-founder & CEO, VNTANA
  • Jeri Ellsworth, Co-founder & CEO, Tilt Five

We expect attendees from companies such as: Amazon, Airbnb, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Lyft, Shopify, YouTube and more.